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Distant Neighbourhood

by Sam Garbarski / 2009

-- synopsis

Thomas he’s in his fifties, married, and a father. The unbearable boredom of his existence weighs on him. On his way home from a business trip in the provinces, he gets on the wrong train and goes the wrong direction. The next stop is none other than the town he spent his childhood and adolescence in. He hasn’t been back there for a long time. He takes advantage of this unplanned detour to visit his mother’s grave. He thinks of her, of his father who disappeared forty years earlier on the evening of his birthday, never contacting them again. Feeling dizzy, he faints. When he regains consciousness, he discovers that his mother’s name is no longer on the headstone. He wonders if he is dreaming or if he has traveled back through time. Trapped by his adolescent appearance, he has no other choice than to go home and see his parents, his little sister and his dog once again. He also has to go back to school, where he sees his friends, his teachers, the young girl he was once secretly in love with. But from the start, he’s noticed an essential difference between this childhood and his precedent one: his father is still there, he hasn’t abandoned them. Or at least, not yet. Could the reason for this return to the past be that he has to stop this foretold disappearance? But can you change your past by reliving it? …

-- technical data

Director : Sam Garbarski
Script : Jérôme Tonnerre & Philippe Blasband, from the comics by Jiro Tanigushi, Casterman Editions
Cast : Pascal Greggory, Léo Legrand, Jonathan Zaccai, Alexandra Maria Lara
D.O.P. : Jeanne Laporie
Sound: Carlo Thoss
Editing : Ludo Troch
Format : 35 mm
Original language : French
Co-Delegate Producers : Diana Elbaum – Jani THILTGES – Denis FREYD
Coproducers : Thanassis KARATHANOS – Karl BAUMGARTNER – Sébastien DELLOYE
Executive production : Entre Chien et Loup / Samsa Film (LUX) / Archipel 35 (FR)
Coproduction : Pallas Film (DE) / Ateliers de Baere (BE)
Ministry of the French Community of Belgium, RTBF, Wallimage, Eurimages (Council of Europe), Canal+, CineCinéma, National Found for the Support to Audio-visual Production (Luxembourg) Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Banque Populaire Image 10, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB).
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